Just a little info please.

I’m a Halo Wars 2 PC only player and have been since the early access launch. I was a day 1 Halo Wars player so of course I was going to be all in on HW2. It’s been my favorite game of the franchise and I’ve literally owned everything in the franchise INCLUDING Halo: Spartan Assault. Halo and Mass Effect are 1a and 1b to me in terms of space shooters in my lifetime and that spans 30+ years of being a gamer. Unfortunately I’ve had disconnect or no connection or leaving because of lag in about 90% of the games that I play. The only way I can play the game with any ease is to play the campaign. After dropping $80 for both games and having both of them (Halo Wars 1 port) be so buggy and have so many issues I am almost to the point of tears. I only play on pc now because I gave my youngest son the XB1. I’ve got a pretty good rig and can play just about anything I want on the higher settings. Some fps drop here and there but nothing major. But, this game, is a whole other ball of frustration.
Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of Blitz, and probably never will be. I prefer the Team War over everything else because it’s the game mode that I LOVED from the original. I’ve spammed countless hours playing 3v3 and wanted so much to do so in this new interation of Halo Wars. Sadly though, this is not even remotely possible. Currently in HW2 the 3v3 games crash nearly 100% of the time and the 2v2 games aren’t that much better at closer to 85-90%. If the game doesn’t just fail to load all together then someone leaves. This causes the game to lag even longer ultimately ending in either everyone leaving or the game booting everyone after about a minute.
I’ve only seen a couple of reviews for the game on pc and I’ve not seen anything from them talking about just how bad the connection issues are. I’m sure not much time was invested in the review either. From what I can see Halo Wars 2 is meant to be something of a cornerstone for Microsoft’s “Windows Play Anywhere” platform. Sadly, inmy opinion, the PC port has been a complete and total week 1 disaster.
Granted, I’m a nobody other than an. An extremely loyal, albeit hurt, fan. I can say, as a fan, that overall to me the game is a win, when playable. That’s the caveat, when playable. If, and when (because Microsoft HAS to) they fix it the game will be amazing. Right now what I’d like more than anything is to hear something from 343 Industries, Creative Assembly, or Microsoft Studios telling us something more than “we’re working on it.” What is “it” that’s being worked on? If No Man’s Sky taught the world anything it’s that saying nothing is far worse than telling your fan base that you made a mistake and giving details on an expected outcome. I’m sure I am not alone in my request for a bit more transparency and to not be left with a case of buyer’s remorse like so many big titles of late. I’m looking at you Halo 5.

ske7ch has a list of known issues pinned in the support forums along with details and updates of some fixes pushed out yesterday. I would have a look over this threads and make a new post if you issues aren’t covered. There may be an existing and active thread is support that you can reply to :slight_smile:

I feel your pain mate.

I’m not much of a Halo fan anymore, i have had almost every Halo going but lost interest around Halo 4.
However i was very very much into HaloWars (i think i was about 3000 hours in give or take - almost 4k games)

I’m now PC and have been looking forward to this game for years and met with nothing but technical issues!

I feel this game has so much potential after a few patches / balancing.

I guess it’s now a waiting game!

When the game becomes playable feel free to add me!


At this point I am just buying halo games for the lore.
Had my hopes up for this but sadly quality control isn’t what it used to be.