Just a heads up, US HOLIDAY SOON, this means support and info will be none existant

See title, this alone is why we are not getting any support this week or any offical news, everything is automatied until about half way through next week.

So people, do not expect much support offically from 343. Now to people like me in America I know you are going Duh, or I hate my family don’t remind me. But for other people they need to remember Microsoft is American so yeah our holidays exist.

that all said, they had better put the peddle to the mettle when the holiday ends and fix the damn battlepass and progression to not be predatory Chinese F2P level trash, and fire who ever thought it was a good idea.

Or fire a scapegoat to make us happy, either way someone needs fired.

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We’ll probably be stuck with this mess until sometime next year, after all the holidays are over.

Hopefully they didn’t screw up the Campaign too, otherwise we’ll be waiting on fixes for that as well.

Doubt the campaign is screwed as much.

As for the micro transactions, they reek of “marketing said to do it.” so do it badly.