Just a Halo Infinite feedback

Hello ! I would like to give a feedback to the developpers and the community about the content from the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, but first of all I would like to introduce myself.

I’m a player who discover Halo with “Halo 3” but I only played the campaign at the time, the real time i played multiplayer was on “Halo Reach” in 2013, still one of my favourite multiplayer experience at the time. With the arrival of MCC, I was pleased to played the others Halo games on Xbox One whether it be the campaign or the multiplayer. I was to young to play these games when they originally realesed so I don’t have that “nostalgic” thing compared to peoples who played thoses games when there were child.

Please note: I am NOT the center of the world, this is not because I am telling something that everoyne think the same thing, so I suggest peolples to reply above to give their feedback as well :slight_smile: I am playing on Xbox Series X
I am not english, so if there is some wrong pronunciation, please forgive me for that.

Are you ready ? Let’s go !

I was concerned when I say the trailer of the multiplayer for the first time “Is the gameplay will atract me ?” “Is the game made for the players who like movement of Halo 5 like myself ?” I was surprised to be invited for the first flight back in July to get a first glimpse from the game even if it was against bot.

Maybe the movement is less intense than Halo 5, but it’s still nervous and fluid. grappelin is DAMN FUN when you know how to use it properly. Sprint is good even if sometimes you don’t see a clearly difference when you walk. That’s a solid 9/10 :+1:

Like the movement the gameplay is great, smooth and not a lot of bugs except in BTB when you cleary see lag in 1 game of 3. Nor much to tell.

Okay, so let settle this down. FRAG GRENADES ARE OVERPOWERD ! There are too much powerful for me and I suggest 2 thing to “balanced” them.

  • Only have one grenades. (Least possible)
  • Keep the same ammount of grenades but lower the damage.

In terms of guns, I don’t have any problems. They feel nice and satisfying when you kill someone. I have a complain about the gravity hammer who have a too long animation when you trigger the animation and when the hammer can kill. And the disruptor who can stop the ennemy from regenerating their sheild and health for 10 seconds when you hit them 3 times. I suggest to lower down the time to 5 seconds and stop applying the DOT when the shield is down.

We have to speak about it.
Yes, the multiplayer is free this is a awesome and the official realase is December 8 but the systems of customization are actually bad let’s face it.
if you dont want to go back in the classic color customization, at least don’t force armor coating and visors in ONE specific armor cell ! (bodypieces is a other story)
Spartan customization can be GORGEOUS if you do the right thing, i’m sure you can understand what players want.

I hope there is a spartan level December 8, I don’t want to only play the game for a Battlepass to grind, please.
Speaking about the battlepass, i don’t have the same point of view from a lot of members of the community. How to upgrade the pass is, Okay ? But only for peoples who can play the game frequently and griding challenges. I suggest a short-term solution.
To be honest i don’t have clear idea how to improve the pass in long-term situation, I’m gonna let others peoples give their thouths. :slight_smile:

  • Lower the ammount needed to level up from 1000 to 750
  • When you win: 100 XP / When you lose: 50 XP
  • In the pass, at least get 500 credits inside the pass when you payed it / 250 when you don’t

I’m griding a pass because I want cool items, but the least boring he is the most pleasure I take to do it.

“Note: when I wrote this message, the price of credits has been lowered by 10% for Game Pass members”

This is a big mess.
When the “Fracture: Tenrai” envent has gone live, the first thing I wanna see is the shop.
So… 15€ is a good amount for katanas (whatever it’s called) and stikers you can apply is a fair price for you ?
"Yes but this is only cosmetic" Correct, cosmetic that we don’t have to pay in overpriced microtransactions.
Pay for skins like guns, vehicules, charms and armor effect is fine, but armor pieces ?
i don’t want to pay extras € to buy shoulders who should be inside the battlepass. “Sad Emile shoulders noise”

Global Thouths:
You have in your hands, (I hope) the next best Halo game in years since Halo: Reach/3
More than 500 MILLIONS has been spent for this game (please correct me if i said something wrong), i know you have to get some profit but i don’t think overprices microtransactions is the right way to get your money back.
As I said, core gameplay is great even if some things need to be done.
Maybe this gonna happend but, can we get a summary of what are we gonna get December 8 (Game modes, armor customizations, roadmap) to get players preapared for what’s to come ?

I hope I can help a little. even if it’s nothing, i was glad to help.

Best regards.

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