Just a few things that are ANNOYING me on these forums...

First off, there has been multiple posts asking for/demanding new armour in CEA. While this is not impossible, it is unlikely. Mainly due to the expansiveness of reach’s armory. There are well over one hundred different items, and tens of thousands of combinations (including colors). While there could be a few items coded onto the CEA disk (which I doubt), they then could not be compatible to Reach without another large title update. So for this query, I would have to say, with a hint of sadness, that there will be no new armor in CEA.

Another thing is this rumour about the GRD helmet, based on Bungie’s game Marathon. This in itself is the reason that the GRD helmet will most likely not be in the game. this is because Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is a 343 creation, and would not contain items based on creations from another company. So, no, there will not a GRD helmet.

But to contradict this theory, there was also Hayabusa, which was not a Bungie character. So there could a GRD helmet, but that still seems unlikely.

the last thing is a wee bit more personal agenda. For some reason, most people on these forums consider themselves games designers, and somehow know the in’s and out’s of game engineering. For example, according to a lot of people here, new armor is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IMPOSSIBLE TO ADD!!!

Okay, why is that?


that’s not a reason…

The game can’t hold or have any more armour, it would be too hard, time wasting and would push the game engine over the edge!!!

Uh-hu… okay. So how crappy do you think the game engine is!? Oh my god, I hope you don’t start making games, you’ll fill the game with crap and leave like half of the game unfilled. Seriously, if these people are the next generation of games designer, I’m moving into a cave with a pet rock for entertainment!

That is all. Thanks for reading my views and theories, and also my finishing mini rant.

You are missing the amount of B.S from people about the campaign of Reach. The lighting and darkness of CEA. The canon issues that are obviously being sorted out, but people continue to make threads on it. You are missing the people that continue to complain about armor lock sigh. Missing how people continue to gripe about which halo game is the best out of the -Yoink!- series. Hmm, you are also missing the people constantly complaining about matching making and bloom.

Damn it, the copy cat threads just go on & on :\

> Okay, why is that?

it’s not 100% impossible, it’s 100% a waste.

the armor pieces are not stored in a single folder or cluster somewhere on the disk. they are stored redundantly in each map file for the campaign and multiplayer levels. all of the halo games are like this. if they wanted to add one new helmet they would have to force everyone (not just those who want new armor) to download every map and level (the whole game basically) with the new helmet added to each map file. this is why they will never, ever, add new armor in the form of a download.

as for GRD and other speculations of armor that no one has unlocked yet: hackers have modded their xboxes to unlock every piece of armor and see everything in the map files. guess what they found? there are no extra helmets beyond what you can get with credits. there are simply no more armor pieces in the map files than what we have seen already.

while its not confirmation, this video disagrees.

David Ellis Interviewed by Greenskull

> and tens of thousands of combinations (including colors)

Actually… Considering both male and female models, there are 33,360,105,856,000 different combinations. With the addition of Firefight Voices (color schemes, armor effects and gender included,) there are 8,132,665,405,440,000 possible configurations.

Yeah, what this guy said ^^^^

That being said, however, I still feel that they would have the opportunity and ability to add more. A lot of fans have wanted more visor colors (such as Red and Green,) and a deeper level of customization (right fore-arm, left arm prosthetics, all chestpieces+prosthetic, differentiating kneepads, etc.) I would be slightly surprised if we don’t seen new content with CEA. They’ve likely just been waiting for a big enough release to add new stuff.