Just a few things I'd like fixed

As some of you may or may not know, I’m a non-Gold subscriber, which means I can’t play matchmaking. This, coupled with the fact that very few of my friends play Halo, means I’m usually restricted to Campaign. During the many hours that I’ve logged in campaign, there are a few problems I’ve found that have easy solutions.

Winter Contingency Tutorial

THE PROBLEM: As the game currently is, you will receive a (forced) control stick tutorial while on the Falcon on every difficulty except legendary, no matter how many times you’ve played through the level. Even on legendary, there’s a good ten seconds of awkward silence between Kat saying “Reading a distress beacon” and Carter’s reply filling the time where the tutorial would be. Considering 10 seconds is about a third of the time you spend on the Falcon, this can get really aggravating.

THE SOLUTION(S): Either only have the tutorial on easy, or only have the tutorial if you start from Noble Actual (It automatically goes to WC afterwards regardless of whether scoring is turned on or not, BTW). Either way, excise the ten second time gap when the tutorial isn’t in effect.

Long Night of Cutscenes
THE PROBLEM: Out of the 6 cutscenes in Long Night of Solace, only 4 are skippable. Coincidentally, the 2 unskippable ones are also the 2 longest ones. I don’t need to explain this one.

THE SOLUTION(S): This one could actually be tricky, if what I’m hypothesizing is correct (That the unskippability of the 2 cutscenes is because it’s loading a different map during that time). However, even if that is true, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take THAT long to load. I’m sure you guys can think of something. :slight_smile:

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i agree with the annoying tutorial an cutscene stuff, I disagree with the fact that you wrote that last part backwards. That’s just annoying and doesn’t help taking your ideas seriously.