Just a few complaints/suggestions to make gameplay better

Just a few thoughts on the game:

Big team battle is super frustrating. The maps are huge and it takes forever to run back to the fight/objective after spawning. I think having options to spawn near your squad would make it better. Also, if I queue with a 4 man squad, that should be the squad I am with in game, instead of mixing us up with randoms.

There are 2 game types that I just hate playing: stockpile and oddball.

Stockpile is annoying because if you don’t make it to the batteries first, you’re going to lose all of them since the other team just picks all of them up and throws them to their teammates. I would suggest having 2 smaller stockpiles spawn on the map to balance this. Or make it so all remaining, unused batteries vanish after a team scores, so one team isn’t already halfway to their second point just seconds after scoring.

Oddball sucks because the other team gets the majority of their points while my team is running from the opposite side of the map to kill them over and over. If we could spawn somewhat closer to the carrier and even remotely close together so we don’t just run in one by one and get picked off easy, I think it would be much more bearable.

I think there’s been enough feedback about the progression, so I won’t go into it much. I think you should be rewarded extra XP for winning games and get rewarded for playing objectives, getting kills, or at least getting medals. As it stands now, it doesn’t matter how well I do, so long as I get challenges that don’t incentivize winning or playing objectives.

A lot of the new weapons (ravager, hydra, pulse carbine) seem totally useless in most situations, and I just don’t pick up any cuz I’m sure to lose whatever fight I get into.

Vehicles are a little OP, especially the wasp. There’s hardly anything that can combat them. I played a game today where one guy sat in a wasp almost the entire game and was practically untouchable because we didn’t have the firepower to do anything about it. This needs to be balanced by having more air vehicles and more weapons like the skewer (I would say rocket launcher but the rocket travel time is too slow and doesn’t lock onto anything).

I hate the fact that you can walk right through other players. The amount of times I’ve melee’d someone and walked right through them for them to backsmack me… It’s very frustrating.

I don’t like that you’re taken out of ADS every time you take damage, I’ve always hated that in every Halo game.

The respawn time should be shortened. 10 seconds is too long in some game types.

I’m having a lot of fun playing this game, but I think it could be much better.