Jus fooun out

How would you feel if you spent 200$ on your FOTUS Armor and somebody in your lobby got their FOTUS armor for free? And by free I am not saying giving by contest or hand me downs I am talking about modding their profiles to unlock the armor.

Yup found out somebody had modded armor. There are some profiles out in matchmaking that have all the armor unlocked and they are usually in the low 20s too.

How do you feel about this?

Could care less. Armor doesn’t mean ANYTHING.

Why do people care? IT DOESN’T MATTER.


Not to bad as i payed £15 squids for my fotus from ebay.

Why would you spend $200 on FOTUS? A console is like $300. And that comes with an Xbox, the game, and 2 consoles.

I wouldn’t care, it’s not like I would buy a console just for a stupid helmet.

Did you spend $200 on FOTUS?

I don´t know.


lol armor.

What a pointless addition to Halo.

I don’t care, it’s stupid enough that they mod it already. Not to mention they’ll eventually get caught anyway.

> Could care less. Armor doesn’t mean ANYTHING.
> Why do people care? IT DOESN’T MATTER.
> -_-

I’m shocked a doll reference hasn’t been dropped yet to be quite honest.

OT: Nope. Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. Because I wouldn’t spend $200 on in game content.

I don’t care. They’ll get banned for modding anyway. I have Mark VI legitimately by completing the campaign legendary solo. I’ve earned my armour.

I would like to ask: how do you know they modded their profile? If they have fotus they could have just bought it, and all other armors can be still preorder bonus.

my cousin bought the console and was going to give me his codes but sold his copy of hlao 4 with the codes without realizing it. would you be pissed at me for having legit armor but not spending a dime for it?
granted im not defending people who mod im just saying be pissed that they modded not about the money involved