Junky aiming and aim assist issues

Console: XBOX ONE
Playlist: BTB
Overall aim experience: Weird/bad

I kept reading posts(reddit and here) about the aiming general problem. I think i have come to a conclusion, and that is that the aiming is different between different consoles and different PCs.
What do i mean?There are people stating that aiming on consoles is bad and then there are others that say that its fine.I am playing on an Xbox ONE and the aim is terrible, the same applies for some of my friends which none of them plays on a series X/S, but those playing on a series X/S most of the time seem to be fine with aiming. So i think those on series X/S have no problem with aiming, and that is the solution on the threads were people fight over aim assist and aiming problem, some of them are series X/S players were the aim/aim assist is good and some of them are old gen players were aiming is mostly bad, no-one understands each other though because both state that they are console players most of the time and not which console they actually use.
Then there is the same problem on PCs(M&K, controller) some pc players say that the aim is smooth af and some state that its junky and they even prefer a controller to play with. What they dont state is what their pc is capable of, as the series X/S and old gen gap is.Some pc players have high end gaming pcs others not and that i think is what is causing all this regardless of input device.
We have seen m&k player’s complain about aiming, but we have seen controller players complaining too. I think the problem differs in each situation. And i feel like the aiming experience is different in each (console/pc), its different in a pc w/mk, its different on a pc w/controller and different at old gen console w/controller and also different at a series X/S w/controller.
Lastly i would like to state that this is something i have never seen and experienced with a game.First of other AAA shooters(apex,cod,older Halos etc) never had such a divided community about an aiming issue and this indicates that the problem exists, it has not to do with aim assist or anything, it has to do with weird aiming overall for some and for some not, and this causes the confusion too. If the problem was just people being bad at the game i think it wouldnt be such a big cryout, why this isnt happening by those who cant shoot/kill(arent good) at APEX?Because they can aim properly they dont have a problem with the aiming system, they understand how it works its just that they missed those shots and they died knowing its their mistake, but Infinites aiming problem aint that.

The epilogue - two words about me as an fps player.
This is here for those “git gud or quit” commenters.As a player i have been playing Halo(and most of the AAA fps games) for more than 15 years not that this adds any evaluation to what i write/say, but any game i have touched i have never had the feeling that i cant aim properly as i and many others have right now with Infinite.Second of,i think i am a great player at Halo Reach which is my most played fps game of all time, great player at APEX (on PS4 account,Romanaras), very good at warzone(cod) and i never had an issue on those with aiming or feeling that the PC players have an easier time aiming etc.

That’s most of the thoughts i could gather right now.I hope in a solution that pleases everyone and makes the game playable as soon as possible because casuals(and harcore,but casies wont wait much) will keep leaving if they cant play properly.


I know what you mean. After watching this video (www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=U_Rp39R6jsg) and spending 5-6h (or even more) to dial in the different sensetivity/deadzones settings, i’m doing fine.

But sometimes the aiming feel inconsistent and from time to time even buggy like this → www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=sSMKdFUqg84

I hope 343i fix that problem across all platforms.

BTW, i play with Controller on PC.

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Thanks for the suggestions but believe me i have spent so much time trying to adjust any single sensitivity,fov etc option (one by one each time) available in setting’s at academy and what i came up is somewhat viable but unacceptable nevertheless. I watched videos too, after i went to academy and i tried again and again, with all settings to 0, then let me try that setting to 1 and all other to 0 and i went on until i found the somewhat viable settings for me.No am done with that, no more losing time in academy or watching others video to tell me what is good.34fckng3 should fix this.
Thank you Capitano :slight_smile:

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No problem Stormrider. I hope 343i see that a lot of players complaint about the aim feeling and fix it.

TBH the gameplay and balancing issues should get fixed asap, 343i told us in their MP reveals that they want much new player to play infinite but the aiming in combination with a strafe without inertia, makes it hard to enjoy for a lot of people, especially for new players. It’s kind of a own goal if they keep it that way.

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As you said gameplay wise bugs and problems should be fixed ASAP, i dont care if my spartan looks like a monkey or the only free cosmetic i can get is a donkey helmet as long as the gameplay feels good and is fun i will keep playing even if my spartan is a talking aircondition. And truth be said the gameplay is still fun, i can see that through all the problems i encounter,all the new equipment(grappling hook etc) have great gameplay potentials as seen being done by others (but how can i focus on gameplay and doing crazy stuff when i cant shoot properly), most maps are great, the “new” game modes feel refreshing and good.

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