Junk mail...

… well the advise is to check the “junk” folder in your email. Lemme see here…username ______ ok…my password ________ ok i am in my email.

nothing new in my inbox. lemme check my “junk” folder…ahhhhh 3 emails in my junk folder…click on the first one…not from Microsoft…it appears it is from an uncle I never knew in Kenya who was a Prince and left me $14.99 million dollars all I have to do is send them my banking info. hmmmm sounds cool to me, no spec code but looks as thought I may be rich…

lets see the second email…hmmmm…looks like “hottycutegirl” is in my area and would like to meet. WOW, thats great. I don’t know who she is but her user name sounds like she is a hotcutegirl. hmmm again, not from microsoft but still cool. I am rich now and a hot girl is in my area…awesome!

let me see the final email in my junk folder…from a company called “bluepillmagik”… lemme read this…blah blah blah… anything over 4 hrs please see a doctor…blah blah blah…hmmm not from microsoft either.

well fellow friends in waiting, i dunno if you guys haven’t received the both either but on the bright side, i am now $14.99 million richer than I was a few minutes ago, looks as thought I have a hot cute girl who wants me and i can have these blue pills for those not so aroused moments. its no spec code but I guess this is good enough for now.

(all in fun friends. instead of raging I try to find the humor in this mess of email fun.)

I got an email from Santa. lol

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