Jump Pack Brutes-Most Underrated Unit?

i just recently finished a bunch of stronghold and deathmatch games, in which I used jump brutes extensively. It surprised me how valuable they actually are!
They have great closing ability due to their jet pack, and are pretty decent versus mass infantry and when combined with choppers or ghosts they are a great early game harass. I even used them in mass late game with Hunters and Reavers with great success.
I’m thinking I have really underestimated their value, and I was wondering what your guy’s thoughts are? Good unit? Underestimated? Or underpowered (like rangers)?

They are pretty decent to add in to your army, for sure. I’m not sure I’d make an army exclusively out of them or anything.

and they suck in blitz.

Stronghold - only Brutes and choppers will wipe out one enemy in 2 minutes :slight_smile: