Jump or crouch?

Which is more effective in a 1v1? Bunny hoping or tap crouching? Im so used to jumping being the go to strat but I’ve been getting beat by crouch spam a ton. I try to jump around corners and crouch shot once In a fight but I can’t get my brain to work out how to not jump in a fight.

Probably tap crouching, I hate when people do it, it puts me off so much lol.

Crouch tapping does absolutely nothing. A good timed full crouch makes a world of a difference in your standar strafe because you go all the way down. Jumping makes you predictable as heck , but is good if you’re aligning your shot with someone else’s jump strafe and you’re up in shots.

I think crouch tapping only works against players who’ve not dealt with it enough. It might affect your aim if you’re over aiming swing the right stick too much or your reticle is placed too high.