Jump height complaints

This isn’t a matter of what should and shouldn’t be in the game but is something that often confuses me. People often times defend sprint with the argument that these are super soldiers and should be able to run fast but those people are often saying that the fact that Spartans in past games could jump high was childish despite the reason for them being able to jump high is because they are shoe soldiers. Just something I don’t get.

We can still jump high, it just doesn’t take a half hour for us to land now lol.

It it could easily be explained by differentiations in gravity.

Happy Haloing! :slight_smile:

I mean, The average Spartan stands 7’(2.13m)+. We can still jump up above and over eachother with ease. Few people in the world have the ability to do a standing vertical leap that high, I’d definitely say it’s still qualified as a super soldier ability.

You can still jump fairly high I don’t get your post.