Jump Button while airborne

On of the bigger differences in Halo 5 is that you can do a lot more stuff in the air: clambering, ground pound, hovering, that boosty thing, they’re all in there. Another (minor, but rather good) thought is that players can customise things like hovering while scoping, or how to clamber. Nothing major, but a lot of people were happy when Toggle Crouch was introduced, let’s have more of that. So here’s an idea, why not give us the option to add extra functionality to the jump button, while you’re still in the air?

So, for example:

  • Holding jump without any direction causes you to hover, exactly as if you were scoped.
  • Pressing jump and a direction causes you to dash, as if you had pressed dash (is that what it’s called? whatever the X button on bumper jumper does)

Note, this does not give you an “extra” boost or hover ability, it’s just an additional way of controlling the same abilities.

All of these completely optional of course.

At the moment it just feels like the jump button is mostly useless when you’re in the air. Why not give it something to do? It would make bumper jumper feel so fluid again, I could jump up and dash with one finger, rather than having to claw up to go for the X button.

Seems unnecessary imo, maybe for hover since we can only do it when using scope.

Some would have said Toggle Crouch is unnecessary. Myself included, I’ve never liked it. But some people find it much easier.