July Servers

In late July 2018, I was playing Halo 5 with 3 other friends when we disconnected from a game of breakout. It wasn’t just us the whole enemy team disconnected too. We all talked in the party when people started dropping one by one until it was me and another guy were left. I looked in my friends list and everyone playing Halo 5 was in the menu. All 20+ of them, no coincidence. Suddenly my xbox crashed and I tried for over 30 minutes to get back on and when I finally did everyone was back and all resumed to normal. The next day I told a fried about it who was on at the time but, playing a different game and he said the same thing happened. I realized that it wasn’t just Halo. I talked to all my friends who were on that day and sure enough the same happened to everyone no matter what game. I just wanted to know if anyone here was on that day and remembers it?

I’ve been playing when the servers crashed before, but I’m not sure if it was that specific time. When I went to check my game history after I was disconnected, my last few games were just lost. Waypoint had no record of them ever existing. Luckily that has only happened to me two or three times since Halo 5 released so I don’t think it’s some major issue. Probably just them doing server maintenance or something

While this topic does mention Halo, it isn’t really about Halo. Because of that this’ll be locked down. Hopefully we’ll have no more strange server outages.