Jul'mdama Legendary boss in Warzone

It’s great that Jul’mdama is a legendary boss in warzone and is very powerful. I saw it on the new map “Attack on Sanctum” and I love the map is incredible.

Hey, that’s pretty good!

He was probably upset that he got so little face time in Halo 5. Elite actors have it rough…

EDIT: On a serious note though, that is pretty cool that they put him in there.

Sure, why not?
On the boss wave a very scripted cutscene will take place where all the Spartans kill some elites then him. But wait, the only way to make it more badass is if the elites are clumsy and incapable of hitting the Spartans.

Does he have assassination like how Locke killed him?

Wow! Cool I had no clue Jul was even in the game, I still haven’t touched the campaign.