Jul may not be dying when we think *spoilers*

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As a Jul 'Mdama enthusiast, I can say with certainty that ever since the A Hero Reborn vidoc, I’ve been rather worried about the fate of my favorite Halo character. Halo 5’s first mission is Fireteam Osiris rescuing Halsey on the world of Kamchatka, and in that mission we know that Locke will fight Jul while Halsey watches. This video I made outlines Locke being less than a second away from lodging a knife in Jul’s throat. When I made that video, I was dead sure that those were Jul’s final moments, and that the reason Locke says “the Covenant is finally breaking” during the Battle of Sunaion was because they had lost their leadership. Not to mention, it would take an enormous deus ex machina for Jul to have escaped–especially with his Prometheans now seemingly turned against him. All signs point to Jul dying in the first mission.

However, in spite of all that, the newest footage of Halo 5 gameplay involves the Covenant Remnant launching a coordinated attack against 'Vadam Keep. The intensity of this attack not only has the Unggoy confident that the Covenant is guaranteed to wipe the Swords of Sanghelios off the map, but even makes Locke quite concerned about the Arbiter’s survival. The point is, the Covenant would not be able to push the Arbiter to a last stand without leadership and/or confidence in leadership.

This can mean a few things:

  • Jul 'Mdama has somehow survived his encounter with Fireteam Osiris during the first mission of Halo 5, and has brought the Covenant back together under the objective of killing the Arbiter - Sali 'Nyon’s promise of the Covenant joining together under far greater glory after Jul being killed has come true, and Sali now leads the Covenant - This is a Covenant faction entirely separate from Jul’sIn my opinion, I’d rather see Sali take Jul’s place rather than Jul be spared death/capture through some deus ex machine event. However, before we all condemn Halo 5 for killing off one of the franchise’s most morally gray villains, let us remember that Jul might not be dying on Kamchatka.

I sure hope he doesn’t die in a cutscene. I want the satisfaction of plugging that hinge-head zealot myself.

I’d kind of like to see more of a character arc from him, myself. He started out so strong and then for whatever reason he was left out of Mortal Dictata and Halo 4. He shined a bit in Spartan Ops and I’m assuming he’s had a lot of face time in the comics but I’d really like to see him in Halo 5 for more than one death scene.

It seems too simple for him too die that early. Why would 343I show some thing so important in their first trailer and than keep showing footage supporting this? Maybe he will die, but that seems too simple.
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> I sure hope he doesn’t die in a cutscene. I want the satisfaction of plugging that hinge-head zealot myself.

He’s not religious. If that’s what you meant by calling him a Zealot.

One can be a zealot for many purposes, not just religious. Jul is zealous in his lust for war against humanity, and I’d love to empty a clip into his gullet.

Well considering the second mission on Sangheilios involves the Arbiter pushing the Covenant back to a single city, I don’t think it matters when he dies, as defeat is inevitable. Even though we hear grunts say the Arbiter has been killed. that mission has to take place before the joint Osiris and Sangheili strike on the final Covenant holdout.

I’m leaning towards them being different factions but I could be wrong.

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> The point is, the Covenant would not be able to push the Arbiter to a last stand without leadership and/or confidence in leadership.

But the assault on Vadam Keep takes place before the Battle of Sunaion. In the newest footage, it’s mentioned that the loss of the Arbiter would make getting to the Guardian in Sunaion complicated, which means it clearly takes place before that battle. Jul 'Mdama could be pushing the Arbiter back in this fight, but the Arbiter will win with the help of Osiris. Then after 'Mdama is killed, the Arbiter proceeds to “run the Covenant out of town” by the time Osiris makes their way to Sunaion.

I believe Jul escaped his encounter with Fireteam Osiris somehow. I think there’s no way that 343 would show the death of a character in the E3 trailer. Plus it would be kind of anticlimactic to kill Jul in the very first level of Halo 5. If he’s going to die, I’d at least want to see him die during the Battle of Sunaion.

If Jul does die on the first level, then I think Sali will be leading the Covenant. Perhaps a disagreement with him and Jul led to Prometheans no longer allying with Jul’s Covenant given that they’re not politically stable and Sali seems like more of a zealot than Jul, seeing as Sali’s a true believer.

The cutscene where Jul is injured occurs during (or probably immediately after) the first mission on Kamchatka. He is mentioned again in present-tense during the Sunaion mission, which is probably the fourth or fifth mission, so he likely survives his initial encounter with Locke.