Jul and halsey goals.

I have a hard feeling that they will be both looking for forerunner tech, in order to attack the UNSC. Halsey wants revenge, while Jul wants revenge and probably something even more greater. I have a feeling that at the end of Halo 5, Jul will betray halsey, then she will have to side with UNSC. Leaving it for a cliffhanger, just like halo 2.

Probably, Halo is all about cliffhangers, right?

Only halo 2

Their only goal is to make the fans angry. God… while I enjoyed the Campaign in Halo 4, Spartan Ops was terrible in every sense, barely any redeeming factors.

It all depends on how much Jul demands, and how Halsey can use Jul to move forward her own goals.

I don’t know about finding Forerunner technology, Halsey might know a few locations off the top of her head, but can they really go on a hunt with the Janus Key incomplete?

Jul= wipe out humanity

Halsey= knowledge/power/revenge

Yeah, I kinda feel Halsey is only using Jul for now, while he could help her attain her knowledge/Forerunner tech goal.

my thoughts: Halsey is “found” or “rescued” and brought back to UNSC, pretends to not hold a grudge, she makes her way to the other half of the Janus key and attempts to bring it back to Jul, so they can find the Forerunner tech.