Now that i have your attention let me begin:

Hello fellow halo players, im Insiqunia the “founder” of Team Arise. We are searching for new members, so if the info below appeals to you, feel free to message me :smiley:

We’re a more casual group of “solid” players, (though everyone has their bad days), every member has a KD of 1.4 and higher, and so should you if you’d like to join. We are no MLG clan (though we might start in Halo 4), and we are NOT a military based clan. We’re just a group that likes to have fun, and do well.

To sum it all up:

  • KD at least 1.4
  • Mic
  • Age 14 and up
  • Sense of humor :smiley:

Message me if your intrested,
GT: Insiqunia