I could not help but notice the lack of the Juggernaut game mode.
In the other Halo games I liked to make a “Predator” game mode where the Juggernaut was invisible, fast and strong forcing the other players to team up and work together. So if anyone ran off alone death was almost a certainty. Basically I tried to make the Juggernaut like a Predator from the Predator films. I also made maps using forge to help the gameplay run they way I intended it to. The Juggernaut(Predator) would start invisible and remain so for the entire game, he/she would start with a sword and a plasma pistol. The humans would get limited ammo and there would be a weapon depot which they could use to get more weapons but they would not re-spawn. Anyway, I was looking forward to making this game mode again to play with my friends and I did not really think I would have needed to confirm its existence in Halo 4 before I bought it.
This has been a disappointment for me, I hope they bring this game mode out in a later update.
PS I had a look through the larger maps available in the game and they would make awesome maps for my “Predator” gamemode, mostly “Exile” There is a base which can be used for the weapon depot and a lot of space around the map for the predator to hunt and hide.
Also its a shame invisibility jams enemy radar. Its getting harder for me to make this gamemode Halo by Halo. :confused:

Yeah, I used to make Predator game modes on Halo 3 and Reach, it was inspired by the predator from the predator movies… In reach I improvised and made the predator an infected as the juggernaut had flames on him all the time and you could see them even when he was invisible, and everyone else have one life but now that you can’t edit the flood even a tiny bit. I really want them to make these two change; bring back the juggernaut game mode without not having the option to turn the fire on/off and bring back normal infection where the infected look like normal Spartans and can have guns and not just the sword.

These are the two biggest disappointing things with me for Halo 4, everything else is great.