Judgement v2.1 Final

Welcome, to Judgement v2.1 Final!

Map Name
Judgement v2.1 Final

Slayer, Team Slayer, CTF, Swat

Hours Put Into It
15 Hours Total

Map Creator
its LilBeast


Judgement v2.1 Final is a two story map with plenty of room for 4v4 matches. It has 4 weapon dispensers that contain 1 power weapon per dispenser. All of these are located below the top floor. Power weapons include grenade launcher, covenant sword, shotgun and of course the sniper rifle. One teleporter on each teams side gives them access to all these weapons but be warned, it can get pretty nasty on those lower levels! All other weapons on this map are 2 needlers, 2 plasma rifles, 2 needle rifles, 2 dmrs. I have also included boundaries to keep people from camping in certain areas on building tops. All in all, out of the 20 people i have had play this map, only 2 disliked it and that was because of a issue that has been fixed.

Haven’t seen a rule regarding screenshot size limits, so some screenshots of the map are below. If a mod considers these to be to big, please let me know and i will resize them asap. Also, please do not steal this map as i have put a lot of time consuming work into it, and it would be crude to do so.

Hope everyone enjoys the map, feel free to leave feedback/suggestions here or send them to me via private message. :slight_smile: Download link is below as well as the screenshots!

Click to download

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

this map looks really fun if you need someone to test it with my gt is Wamego

It’s been tested multiple times. So, it’s good to go lol. It is a fun map though!

wow 15 hours not bad but umm just from the 3 screenshots is there more to the map like another level or something cuz it looks really tiny and seems to me to have issues with falling off due to lack of space on the bridges…
Maybe a video would go along way.