Judgement Is Needed

With all this leaked information being spewed everywhere on the internet and people currently playing the game illegally, something has to be done. These jerks have stolen and illegally distributed a game, and are currently playing as I speak. There have to be some repercussions besides “Microsoft is looking for the leak”. Permanently ban these jerk’s consoles, profiles, ip addresses everything. They shouldn’t be allowed to play period they broke every one of those stupid agreements in the new xbox live contract, burn their -Yoinks!-.

And before anyone comes in here and tells me that I’m just jealous that I’m not playing it, damn straight I am! It’s infuriating that I have to wait another 3 weeks while these jerks are playing it right now and for free.


Have you tried going DARK

Eh i may have spoiled myself a little bit but i choose what to spoil :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the key for me to not ruining the entire experience. Plus going dark always helps. In that order.

I personally don’t care people are playing it. I have no problem waiting at all.

I’m more concerned being first in-line for another Halo midnight release :slight_smile:

If you would like to report leaks, you can do so via the following email id.