Joseph Staten voicing grunts???!!!

Is it just me or did that sound like Joseph Staten?? Joseph Staten was one of the original members of Bungie who also voiced the grunts in the original trilogy as well as ODST. I personally think grunts should never have stopped speaking English and think that his voice for them was absolutely perfect. Any opinions? I really hope it’s him.

Yeah. I had a feeling they would bring him in, ever since english-speaking covies were announced for Halo 5. To me, it didn’t sound like him, just a voice actor with an effect on his/her voice. I guess we will have to wait and see!

I read this as Joseph Stalin, and then shook my head and thought I should probably go to sleep. Cool info though.

Yes he left bungie and joined 343

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> Yes he left bungie and joined 343

Not sure this topic needed to be revived for this.

Also Joe didn’t join 343, he joined the team working on ReCore