Jorges machine gun review

So I managed to unlock all of the new content and I decided to take the mythic jorges machine gun for a spin
i jumped into warzone turbo and buffed myself up with enhanced shields, over shield, active camo and a speed boost

the gun fires really quickly and on its own it gives you a good speed boost. The damage isn’t much but considering the fire rate it is good. The ranger isn’t the best since it tends to spray around quite a bit.
I did record my gameplay of it but for some reason it isn’t showing up on Xbox dvr or my file share

so I would rate this weapon a 8/10
Good fire rate
reasonable damage
good speed boost
Increased shields

Not much range
lots of spray at long range

in terms of placement my mythic list of best to worst is
Tarturus gavel
prophets bane
spnkr prime
jorges machine gun
ce magnum
whispered truth

hope this helped you guys who haven’t had a chance to use it yet!

Lazy link to a cool pic of the gun