Jorge's Chain Gun Buffed!!!

Just a quick video I made showing off the buffed jorge’s chain gun. Would love to hear any feedback on how I could improve my videos

Montage style formate:

GT: Darkness VQ

Holy crap they buffed that thing good. Nice job 343.

Get rid of the ugly logo covering half the screen.
Please pick better music.
But other than that your montages are solid.

Also, you dont need to put your gamertag when every can clearly see it next to ur profile pic

Lazy Link

OP, I know you can’t help the logo. That said, you’ve REALLY got to work on your music selection.

Try literally anything from Halo.

Now I can finally use it, also finally hit 100 posts wheauuuu.

Used to be useless, now it might be the most powerful weapon in the game. It kills even faster than the answer.