Joining War Games (Matchmaking) In Progress

I really don’t like when you’re matchmaking and it automatically puts you in a games that’s already in progress, is there anyway or option to shut this off? I’m always put on a team that’s losing terribly with hardly a chance to win, and more than anything it just takes me out of rhythm. And I of course just prefer to start from the beginning of matches.

Sorry there is no option to shut it off. Until 343 decides to do away with it; it’s here to stay. For the record I too, do not care for joining matches in progress. You might want to check some of the older threads, since this is a well discussed topic.

In prior Halos, quitters were a problem that ruined games frequently (let’s face it, it isn’t fun for either team when the game is 4 vs 1, for example). Having JIP is 343’s solution to solve that problem. I think it’s a good solution, but players who hate JIP should have the option to turn it off for themselves.