Joining Teamates problems? anyone?

Hi everyone,

so as many of you i have a lot of problems that occur in the matchmaking even just in custom games. This is the most annoying one of all for me and my friends and i want to know if you guys know how to fix it or if anyone of you have the same issue as me.

Let me explain;
so yesterday with my friends we played one game of ranked, then when we back out, we couldn’t join each other at all. Nothing would happen when i was clicking ‘‘join player’’. I tried from the party that we were in to join or from the ROSTER but still nothing we couldn’t join each other. I disconnected many times, retarted the game, my xbox, changing NAT to OPEN and Moderate etc… I TRIED EVERYTHING!!!

Please help me figure out how to fix this problem, and if it’s not fixable by us (players) well 343 gotta do something about it.

i don,t want to be Harsh or anything but, normaly when you launch a game you test it first, these issues must have been seen or something i can’t get the fact that there’s this many BUGS, exploit etc… for a new game? I mean is it this complicated to take a game, put it in 60FPS redo a little bit of work on them, and lauch a 4in1 game? Maybe it is, i can understand that it’s a lot of work and it’s a new generation of game, but still this needs to be fix and QUICK.

PS.: sorry for grammar and english, i’m french canadian…

un Handicaper
Thanks a lot