Joining session in progress with infection

I don’t know if I have set up the infection gametype correctly, but when a new player joins, one of the following can happen:

  • The person joins the infected team and is able to help them kill survivors. - The person joins the infected team but appears as a friendly to all the survivors as well (so can’t be killed and can’t infect).
    When someone kills someone else, the kill appears twice at the bottom left for that player, with each line different colours (i.e. white killed red, red killed white). - The person joins the infected team but appears friendly to some survivors (same as 2, but can be killed and infect a few of the survivors only). - The person joins the survivors team, but spawns a minute or so late. - The person joins the survivors team, but doesn’t spawn at all, so the round can only be ended via the time limit. - The person becomes the alpha zombie, but the survivors have no-one to kill for a while until that zombie appears in the game and spawns.If I am correct, I believe only number 1 should happen to someone joining a game of infection. I don’t know if there is a setting in the gametype that I have overlooked which alters this. Anyone else noticed this?

100% Correct. Ive been having the same issue with some custom game modes ive created. The biggest one for me is number 5. But its not just infection, its any game mode with multiple rounds. I even made a slayer mode with 8 rounds and everyone only has 1 life. And if someone joins the game in the middle of a round everyone has to wait for the clock to run out to move on to the next round. Then half the people in the game end up quitting.

Yeah, 5 is the most annoying. One way I work around it though is to have a secret switch that only I know of that ends the round. If people don’t spawn, I just make my way to that to end it quickly once current spawned in survivors get infected.