Joining ingame losing teams.

Has anyone joined into a game where your team is just getting massacred? I have and it sucks. I literally joined a game in Grifball and when i got in all I saw was DEFEAT. It really sucks when you use a Ultra Rare Victory boost and it’s basically useless. I can’t tell you how many times my Boosts have been useless joining into these games. I now just quit when I join those type of games and take the ban for it, because to me I want to start out fresh rather than joining a losing team where you can’t bring them back up to winning.

Edit: This not just about losing, this is about playing a half game. I’d rather play a full game where I can win or lose on my own terms, not someone elses.

There’s no point in quitting, as both losing a match and quitting both count as a defeat. You may as well just stay in for the x amount of seconds/minutes left.

of course and it does happen a lot when you search alone…however I’ve had also nice reversal matches.

I have never joined a game mid way, I always get a new game everytime

If the game loads up, but the screen has not changed to the map being played. Don’t use a boost. That’s one of the only ways to tell if you’re about to join a game in progress.

One time I joined a game that ended as quickly as I joined. It went like 8 - 1000.

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> I have never joined a game mid way, I always get a new game everytime

It’ll catch up with you one day. One day!