Joining in session

Now I Normally do Not Rant On the forums For I Am Satisfied At how the game is. However last night I had a really Bad experience.
I decided to play some war zone by myself, because I love warzone.
However, Out Of The 9 Games I played. 7 of those games I got put into A Warzone Match In which My team Was Losing by 400+ points And where being spawned trapped by the enemy.
I mean seriously? And I cannot be quitting Because then ill get banned? On my Second match I decided to use A Yellow Warzone Rp Boost and it put me into a gamr where an enemy was already shooting at our core and therefore we lost , causing my boost to render useless.
I love this game, But This issue of joining in session needs to be Resolved please. It is not a fun experience.

I rarely get put in a game in progress out of about 300 games 2 have been jips