Joining in progress warzone games.

Been posting a lot lately, mostly sad complaints that go unread, or just so someone can call me a troll or make fun of me. But it’s getting out of hand.
I can’t play a war zone game. I just tried 6 times, and all 6 times I was thrown into a in progress match, lop sided and on the losing team.
Most notable would be the game I just joined, where I picked a railgun, spawned, and was immediately sniped. Not even a 3 second chance to move. Immediately sniped.
We were down 600 to 99 with 0 bases captured, enemy attacking our core with tanks and mantis.
I only played warzone to cool down from the horrible time I’ve had in arena.
Both assault and regular same thing.

6 games in a row I joined to have this happen.
I have had so name problems with regular arena matchmaking, and gotten no response in the threads from anyone that actually works for 343, or someone who understandsmy problems and has advice. Just rude people telling me I’m wrong.

But this is getting out of hand.
I love halo, have since the first. But the more and more I play 5 the more upset I am, it’s an honest slap to the face to hardcore gamers or true halo fans.

Well today was a tough day in WZ because there were many organize teams playing. Had some rough games, i play lone wolf. Set your search parameters to balanced. I have had fewer JIP games with that setting than focused. In focused I was averaging about 3 JIP games per session.