Joining a clan thats now recruiting

I am the clan leader of a clan called Brotherhood of the elites clan, we currently have a decent amount of members, we are trying to recruit more players in.
the ways the clan works is simple, we have to main leaders, I am the main leader, the president, and my brother(finisherfnr) is the vice president. We have squads for each individual that joins,(they will be trained). So far we have three squads
. reaper squad, my squad
. freelancer squad
. toxic elite squad, idk if thats still what my brothers calling itwant to see more of us visit us on our youtube page and on xbox. If by chance you have a video of you or your friends that suits our needs we will post it. and give you guys all the credit for your videos, and will convince people to suscribe to your page as well.the youtube channel is called predator131999 brotherhood of the elites clan, but keep in mind i may change my clans name, but for right now thats what it is, also any questions for me just post in the comments on youtube and ill make a video of me answering your questions. If you wish to join the clan contact us, we will train you to support our needs then we will put you in a squad that suits you, now if you can do better than our needs and keep it up we will more then likely either put you as a high class soldier in a squad, or let you lead in your own squad.This clan goes as far as halo 3 to halo reach and halo 4, but you will 90% of the time see us on halo reach. We do require your emblem to match ours, we dont particularly care about service tags, in my clan i require you to have a skull visor, or haunted helmet, a prosthetic arm, or pestilence, because it suits what a reaper looks like, also keep in mind you can either all three or one of the three, or two of the three. cuz were not to uptight about stuff like that. Thank you for your support, see you in the battlefield.