Join while it still lasts!!

We are finally back up and recruiting again! The XJOZ halo Semi-league mlg players are recruiting and looking for good halo players to join. We are not noobs, or nerds (no offense to anyone), we are a range of really talented to semi talented halo players. We are already well known, but I need your guys help in exoanding!! :smiley:

I am not good enough :frowning:

Would you say im good enough?

We base our clan not solely on skill, but on strategy too. What would your k/d ratio be?

If either of you want to join, friend me on xbox live GT: MyLlamaLikesPie I can test you and see if youve got what it takes. It is quite fun in our clan, we organize clan battles every so often

As soon as it gets to the point where you have to ‘pass’ being good enough to get into a clan, you’ve lost me.