Join us and help get Achilles

We need All Hands on deck if we are going to get Achilles. So join Fireteam Sparta and bring glory to the unsc we are recruiting replacement members to refill the company after our company leadership descharged a lot of our previous members. So due to the recent shift in our numbers we are looking for new an active halo 5 war zone and arena players who are willing to help us get The Achilles armor. With that said the requirements to Join Fireteam Sparta are
the following
. You must be at least lv 30
. Don’t rage quit
. Be Active
. And no betraying teammates on purpose
if you can respect these rules and be team player then join our legion today and help us get Achilles to join you can either text my Xbox account or you can search my spartan company on the main browser on the halowaypoint webpage Just Select the option Spartan company in the search bar and type in Fireteam Sparta. I hope to see you on the battlefield Spartan E1ite Spartan Out.

I’m with free time to play and I want more Friends… So If would like to join