Join UnityUnending

UnityUnending is now recruiting and is open to ALL PLAYERS who meet the general requirements. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW LEADERSHIP POSITIONS LEFT OPEN! Contact PEAC3 BY WAR or Cryptoshot Cole for info and to get the ball rolling. We will grow rapidly so claim your positions while they are available! We are accepting people of all skill sets and want to provide a better and more accepting type of Spartan Conpany to the Halo community that works on making you guys, our fellow Spartans, the best that you can be! If you want to be part of something bigger then message us because whether you play for fun, for honor, or or for glory, we are the team for you. This isn’t just an offer but an opportunity to become better and become a legend because you know what they say, SPARTANS NEVER DIE! So join us and make those words worth something.