Join United Nations High Command (UNHC)

What’s up everyone, are you tired of playing alone in warzone as well as arena and getting crushed by full party teams?

Time Zone: US EST
Playstyle: Competitive and structured for both warzone and arena gameplay

We have your answer. We are a highly active military style organization that offers opportunity for leadership and advancement in the clan for those willing. We do daily practices and meetings to keep active members happy and also do raids. Right now we sit at just over 75 members and are quickly expanding. Highly competitive and very organized, for anyone who has a background in competitive halo this is a perfect fit.

To join please contact me, LLBlackwater or LLDropkick. We also have a website up and running @

I want to join the UNHC mY gamer tag is greenarrow154

Gt: NH Trolls 6 T 9 I have 4 years of experience within the community. I have maps plus skill and obedience and believe I would be a good asset to the U.N.H.C

Hello. I am Stingray7004. I am the leader of Project Venator an experimental stealth task force. I want to have an alliance with you to create the stealthiest soldiers in Halo.

Thank you.