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[Semi-non-cannon Halo role-playing clan]
[Based in Halo, inspired by the Alien universe]
[Warning cheesy recruitment pitch below]

"Hello, we here at Weyland-Yutani are looking for hard working Humans to join our big corporate family. Weyland-Yutani has been around since the earliest days of Human colonisation and even though we have moved away from exclusively suppling colonies with resources, we are still committed to Building Better Worlds. After the war with the covenant we are committed to terraforming the glassed regions on Earth and her colonies. Our Interplanetary Cargo Transport and Terraforming Division is looking for people to fill roles such as:

  • Ship Pilots - Heavy Vehicle Operator - Architects - Engineers - Construction workers - and many moreJoin Weyland-Yutani today and receive a special contract in which you can take three months paid vacation to the tropical paradise of Zeta Talis IV with your special someone. Want to take the family instead? No problem. What’s that the family does not what to spend the vacation in the tropics? Well The Company will book you into any venue that you and your family want. If you have any questions please feel free to contact ( at any time and remember, unlike other companies… Weyland-Yutani is committed to Building Better Worlds." - Cheesy Recruitment Pitch.