Join the United Nations Today!

The United Nations is recruiting personal to increase our numbers and to complete a successful Campaign against the UNO and Caboose’s 501st. We are actively recruiting for the following Branches:

UNSA Army: the United Nations Space Authority (Military Branch of the United Nations) Army is the Primary Defensive Force of the UNSA. The Army is tasked with Defending UN Maps, and can participate in Joint Operations between branch’s. The Army is the Largest Branch and is best suited for casual military clan cmunity members.

UNSA Marine Corps: The UNSA Marine Corps is the expeditionary force of the UNSA. The Marines are tasked with Offensive Operations, and can participate in Joint Operations between Branch’s. The Marines have strict age and skill requirements, as only the best make it past training. It is recommended that those who join have dedicated experience in the military clan community.

Furthermore, the United Nations is looking for clan partnerships in order to properly represents the Community at large. We have two options for those interested in this.
Independent Colonial Partners:

Independent Colonial Partners (ICP’s) are the general allies of the UN. Once the partnership is finalized, ICP’s are considered Independent from UN governance, but carry the full support of our Organization. ICP’s receive unconditional Military support if attacked by an exterior threat, along with access joint practices and biweekly meetings with the UN Security Council.

Colonial Administration Programme: the CAP is an effort to support small to medium sized clans by helping them gain a footing and voice within the Community at large. CAP members receive Unconditional Military support from the UNSA in any circumstance, access to Our Media Network, Leadership and structural support, a seat in the United Nations General Assembly, and forge assistance. In return, the UN requires member clans to provide a small number of troops to be dedicated to the UNSA Military, and that the leader take their seat on the UNGA with the Title of Colonial Governor.

Army General: Bot Kygs
Marine Corps General: Avenged7xMajor
Grand Marshal of the UNSA: Decaying Angel
Secretary General of the UN: Chairman Puffy.

con you put the link to your clan, there´s a lot of united nations clans.