Join the Undead Spartans

Undead Spartans are looking for new members. A lot of us all have mutual goals. You either join a spartan company to compete, for the Achilles, or for just a group of Halo gamers. There are two Spartan Company Mastery Commendations. The first is completing the first 3 levels of all the Kill Commendations. This awards everybody in the Spartan Company the Achilles Armor. The second is completing all 5 levels of the kill commendations. This awards everybody in the the Spartan Company the Achilles Helmet. Our goal is to grind away at these. The thing about this company is that you will not get booted, banned, or sent hate mail if you take a break from Halo like these other companies. You can message me if your interested but I am trying to provide a first come first serve experience. We are in it for the long haul so lets build a team that will burn these commendations and enjoy teaming up with other Undead Spartans.
If you want a team where you will always have a bunch of guys to squad up and wreck with this is the team for you. We play to win and we play to have fun. We have many seasoned veterans who have been there since the beginning. We can build competitive teams to consistently win. We are accepting requests now to help rebuild this long standing Spartan Company. Message me if you want to discuss details on Xbox or on here. Or visit our Undead Spartans company page and request to join.