Join The Silent Gladiators

Hello All!

My name is DarkLeviathan01 and I am the founder of The Silent Gladiators!

We are The Silent Gladiators, a group that is dedicated to just having a little bit of fun.
Before we even get started, understand that we are not a clan. This company is all about un-organization and doing anything and everything that anyone may want to do.
There is no ranking system, no website, no chain of command. This community is all about being free.If you are tired of the organization of clans, have no time to do all the paperwork that comes from being in a clan---->Then this is for you! We are what I like to call, freelance. That means that when clan wars start up, there could be clans who ask for our aid. We may go, we may not. Some may go, others may not. We are all about you doing your thing, just doing it together.

Want someone just to jump on matchmaking with you so you can kill and chill? Choose us.
Want someone to test out your new Forge map? Choose us.
Want someone to jump in some Arena or Breakout with you? Choose us.We are open to any and all game types and scenarios…but we also reject all game types and scenarios.

If you wish to leave to join a clan…be my guest.
Will we ever become a clan…no idea, sounds like too much work…but maybe.

Why are we Silent Gladiators?
Answer: No matter what fight we are in, no matter what battle we are hired for…discretion is the key. We fight for all and none. We speak only with our blades, not our mouths.The only rule to being in the TSG is to have the same emblem and service tag. Aside from that…we do not care. No changing your name and making you wear certain colors or tattooing you with the gang signs…just some things that you can change once you leave the Gladiators. To be clear, we are about playing together but remaining separate!
If this is the option for you…jump on in and see what gaming free, yet together means.
I am DarkLeviathan01, the founder of The Silent Gladiators. Note: I am not a leader, I am just the founder. There are no leaders in TSG, only mercenaries that stick together when attacked, but fight against each other for the lime light.

We currently have very few members but hope to grow fast…come be a part of a group that stick together without all the strings attached!
The Silent Gladiators…we welcome you.

Requirements: Must be mature and not a squeaker.
Must have a mic.
Profanity is tolerable but not extensive.