Join the Phoenix rising Company

The Phoenix rising company a militaristic clan is looking forward to having many great players amongst our ranks. We welcome all who are willing to work hard and put in effort to rise through the ranks with us. Additionally you must be older than 13 and must follow orders precisely. We must also see if you are worthy and if so we thank you for your cooperation. Our branches are army which consists of Infantry and weapon specialist’s, Marines also Infantry but also ground vehicles, Airforce which consists of air assault and aircraft’s. Mic is essential for communication, one of our keypoints: to be connected and informed. If willing keep an eye out for our leader Madm4n1147 or me WhiteKyuubi27 and contact us through Xbox live for more info.

Hey man, why don’t you have a peek at our Spartan Company and then let’s talk about you guy coming over to us. We’d love to have you!

RiVaL Gaming