Join the Knights of Steel

I’ve started a clan and company looking for casual players of any skill level with me, the leader, specializing in parkour and other sorts of agility gameplay but not great at close up PVP but also a crack shot sniper. This company/clan in halo 5 is going to monitor the servers they’re on for any toxic behaviors and if any are found they will focus on whoever is being toxic or report them.

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Hello, I am madehalogod0912 and I am looking for people to join UNSC Fleet Omega. We are a loyal, non-toxic, and a little strict clan. We are looking for members who can hold their own and can show others their strengths and take advice from others on what to fix. We are an Xbox clan only on Halo 5 and soon Halo Reach.
You are required the following:

  • A working mic - A working xbox - No clan hopping - Non toxic - New players welcome - !!Discord is required!!