Join the Frozen Shadows

Join the frozen shadows today we are looking for any and all kind of players. If you have skill you can hone your skills against other clans in clan battles. If you lack skill we will strive to make you a better player. In the Frozen Shadows you are respected for your skill and for the contributions you make to the clan. We are organized. We have one a lot of clan battles we are a competative clan but you do not have to be competative if you do not wish to. If you are interested message me Blackdagger117 on xboxlive. TFS “We are never seen, never killed and will always be remembered we are the frozen shadows”

I’m in for it

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> Get your Auto Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers Ready.
> It’s gonna be a massacre!

Hello Spartan Community.
We are Blackwatch Brotherhood!
Our clan is here for your support!
Forum posts are up and ready to be filled!
We will have a forum post for gamertags giving a direct link to members through xbox live.

I know you’re thinking, “great, rules to follow” but it’s not really like that.
We are a pact, a brotherhood, a companionship!
We are here to support one another, not bring each other down.
Competitiveness is human and instinctual. All is okay in good fun.
With that said:
*No fighting or arguing.
*No cutting each other down.
*No racial, gender, or age discrimination.
*Check the clan page as much as you can for updates.
*No name calling.
*A Mic is required when running with clan mates.
*No playing music through you’re headset.
*You Must add (the majority) of your clan mates on Xbox Live.
-Some people you don’t mesh with. We get that, its just the majority!
*No clan jumping
-You can join then leave and rejoin once. After that, it’s a 30 day wait period. After that it is denial into the clan

These rules are taken seriously.
We are here to have fun and any unnecessary shenanigans will NOT be tolerated.

Won’t find a more organized clan then us!
Go ahead and take a look, we don’t bite :slight_smile:
Hope to see you on the virtual battlefield!

> "When we hunt, we kill. No one is safe. Nothing is sacred. We are Blackwatch.
> We are the last line of defense."