Join the Federation Lords!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am trying to revive the clan after about a year of being inactive so we have very few members in the clan!

We are the Federation Lords! We are indeed a military based ranking yet, we are rather of a let loose but still with structure kind of Halo MCC clan. we do have a website!

We are recruiting too!

Current basics of our clan:
Military ranking
light structering
fun loving
being imaginative
having fun on the MCC

practices and game nights will start soon.

Ranks are based on our point system and when you get enough points you rank up and so on. That means you can rank up without recruiting or changing your gamertag!

Current Rules:

Respect ALL members of the clan.

Do not: Tea-Bag, shoot or whack at dead bodes in either rage or to show off during practices and game nights.

Have fun!

what is needed to be in the Federation Lords:
Xbox mic (that works)

Please contact me on Xbox Live if you want to join or if you want to learn more about the Federation Lords

GamerTag: Commander Keel


EDIT: THe website is under repairs so im taking down the links

The Co-Leader position is still open!

We have some members but only few…
Our clan website will still need work to be done on(Link) but its open for people to register as clan members!
Despite much work is to be done I will not hassle my fellow clan members for help unless they want to, I am willing to help any of my members that are in need of assistance.

Just a reminder but self bumping is limited to once a week.


> Just a reminder but self bumping is limited to once a week.
> Thanks.

Do you mean every beginning of the week or every seven days?
Because I thought is was every beginning of the week.

Our website it almost fully finished with the basics!
Federation Lords Website
Still looking for more members!
Our rank system will be posted on the website when we get a chance!

Our Co-leader position is still open!
Must have a mic that works!
Someone trustworthy.
Must be active on both xbox live and halo 4.
Must be able to recruit members when needed to.
Must be able to have fun and keep it cool!

We are gaining allies but we need more members to JOIN THE CLAN. Our clan has had 2 betrayals due to lack of members or lack of skill or even both! People, listen to me, clans start out small, with little members but with the help of people joining we will grow! I myself am the only person recruiting for members to join our clan. I haven’t planned all this out completely, (which was my mistake because this is the first time I made a clan for halo) so some problems have occurred but I am doing what I can to fix them!

I am still looking for a Co-Leader:
someone who can be trust worthy.
must have a mic that works.
must be able to recruit members when needed.
MUST to be active on xbox live and halo 4.

Join here: Link

Federation Lords Commanding leader, Commander Andrew

Okay we finally have our rank system and ranks up! (The grand pride!)

Here is the link to our ranking page: Link

If you want to join or have questions please message me on xbox or reply to the thread

Keel, add your clan to the clan list. I’m trying to get as many Halo clans as possible.

Co-Leader position is now closed due to personal reasons, i will look for one myself.

Rank system has been updated along with point system on clan website

Still looking for people who want to join!
Contact Commander Keel if you want to join or want to learn more about the clan.

Still recruiting please contact myself or TheEpicTyler on xbox live if you would like to join

still open for recruiting please send me or theepictyler a message saying you want to join

Hey Keel, why don’t you sign up The Federation Lords to The Nexus? It’s a clan community hub which will provide your clan with a platform to meet other clans. We also provide features such as stat tracking and dedicated clan pages to help you track your progress within the community. We also host Leagues and Tournaments which Nexus registered clans are eligible to compete in. At the moment we are currently hosting our Champions league which is still open for late entries.

Why don’t you give it a look over at
If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact me.

The Federation lords has come to the MCC!

Please contact Commander Keel for more info or if you want to join

Looking for recruits to join us please contact me on xbl

GT: Commander Keel

A clan full of scrubs no thanks

> 2535422259739329;16:
> A clan full of scrubs no thanks

You do relize that there was no need to reply if you didn’t want to join…