Join The Elder Mambas! Lets Do This!

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Welcome Spartans! The Elder Mambas is in search of anyone who is looking to have a great time and make some new friends. Please read the info below before sending a join request.
Our Company is intended to be a tight-knit community of around 20 members. This way we can keep things simple, organized and social.
One of the main things we wish to accomplish is achieving the Achilles Armor Set. For those of you who are unaware, this is the most rare armor in the game. There are 3 steps to achieving this goal:

  • Be in a Spartan Company. - Get to level 3 in all of the Spartan Company Kill Commendations. This awards all members of the Company the Achilles Armor. - Get to level 5 in all of the Spartan Company Kill Commendations. This awards all members of the Company the Achilles Helmet.If you wish to join, we ask that you remain as active as possible on Halo as well as our chat room so we can keep this Company alive! However, we understand people have busy lives outside of Halo so we don’t mind if you can’t make it to every game night.

//Join Us on Discord//
Link: Discord

If the info below interests you please feel free to join us in our chat room on Discord. We require all members to join there before they will be accepted into the company as it is a much simpler way to connect and party up.
Discord is an easy to use, and also free, chat app for gamers. Simply download the app onto your phone or computer to get started. Make sure you use your Xbox Live Gamertag as your username so there is no confusion about who you are.
If the Company has reached the “limit” of 20 members you are still welcome to join us on Discord to party up, chat, and participate in events.
//Company Info//
• The reason for the small population limit of 20 members is simply because we want this group to become a brotherhood of sorts, where everybody knows everybody. We don’t want anyone to feel left out or put on the backburner. It will be much easier to stay connected this way.
• We are in search of “laid back” gamers who can hold their own in a match. If you frequently get angry or frustrated at the game and/or your team then we are not the Company for you. Our goal is to remain positive, have fun and share some laughs! Remember, it’s just a game.
• You must be 18 years or older to join.
• Our Company is primarily Central US but if your schedule works with our time-zone you are certainly welcome to join.
• Every Tuesday and Thursday night starting around 10:00pm CST we will have Company game night. Click here to convert that to your own time-zone. It’s perfectly fine if you can’t make it to every game night, but We ask that you try to whenever possible. We will host other Company events in the future as well.
• During our events/game nights we will do a number of things between Custom Games, Arena, Warzone or Campaign. Pretty much anything depending on how many people show up.
//Submit a Join Request//
If you are interested in joining, please don’t hesitate to send a join request. Be sure to let me know a little about yourself in your request as I will not be accepting any “default message” requests.
Please add Its Forest and i 8ball to your friends list as soon as you join and don’t forget to join us on Discord!
Please note: it may take a day or two to get things rolling as this is a new Company. Our first official Company game night will be on Tuesday, March 8th at around 10pm CST. Hope to see you there!
I can’t wait to see you on the battlefield Spartan!