Join the Ducks of Achilles and get some armor!

Ducks of Achilles
We like ducks and we want achilles (you don’t actually have to like ducks.) Sick of companies saying they want Achilles, but then looking at them and realizing they already have it? Me too.
I created this company with the sole purpose of getting the Achilles armor set. You will not be required to have a mic or talk with the community. After we get the armor and helmet, if you don’t want to be part of the company anymore, then leave. Once the kill commendations are completed I will change the name of the company and we will be for social purposes only.
Please feel free to message me about any problems you have with the company/people in the company. I’ll look into it.
Also, try not to stick to one game type, Swat, BTB, Warzone, ect. are all important for different reasons such as vehicle kills, headshots, and AI kills.
(P.S. Pretty much the only way I won’t accept you is if you use the default request, but be warned: I am a bit prejudice about the Fotus helmet.)