Join the Cause, To Save Halo 3

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When Halo 2 was still active and Halo 3 was at it’s peak in the Xbox community, I found myself to be a very large advocate for the game, but now I still find myself a very large advocate for the game. People say,“Dude, just let it go. It;s dead now. No one plays it anymore.”. They may be fright in some cases, but I haven’t given up on it yet. Halo 3’s population has decreased at an extreme rate, 90% of the players are mostly drug addicts (they play because of the games colors from what I’ve heard), minorities, and members of the K.K.K.
I have put together my closest friends to help bring back Halo 3. We are forming a cause that YOU can join today. All you have to do is contact my gamertag - soda117, a true Halo fan. Save Halo 3, and save it for others that have not yet played it.

All you have to do is have a mic and be of a knowledgeable age (imo 14+), and send me a message saying,“I love Halo 3 and I want to help”.

Thank you and wish me and all of you up when we bring the population back to Halo 3!

Halo 3 is far from dead. I played quite a long time this Saturday and all the playlists I went in were full and had plenty of players. I found matches really quick in Social Slayer and even BTB.

The game is not as dead as the counter says it is. Halo 3 is still in the top 20 most played xbox live games =)

I just played it a couple hours ago… It still great.

This is by far my favorite game in the Halo series. It was the peak of this series IMO. I still like to play it occasionally and this game is way far from dead. It’s still going, and 343i oughta keep it going. It was the first game I played on the Xbox 360 and it holds some great memories. Keep this game for sure.

> I just played it a couple hours ago… It still great.

I have posted this thread numerous times with some help from 15 other guys helping me out. We started a few months ago and we’ve made some good progress. What you’re seeing is us, and we want to restore Halo 3 back to it’s full 100%.

i would join your cause but its not dead and secondly i don’t have a working mic currently sorry

I was looking online and saw another repopulate Halo 3 day for July 7,2012.

On Bungie Day July 7th we all need to get together and play Halo 3.

Its not dead but after HALO 4 drops it will probably be really really next to dead .

And I hope everyone moves over to HALO 4 and, the population will rise .

I play every day halo 3 (about 6 hours).It is great.