Join The 3 Barren Kingdoms!

The 3 Barren Kingdoms is a small group of 5 members, and we’re looking for new blood for our crew!
Tell us about yourself, how you got into Halo, and what gamemodes you play.
We want new players (and newbies of the spartan company program) to join our team, and help us achieve our way to Achilles! Do you like Infection? Super Fiesta? Warzone or maybe a little of competitive? It’s all fine, as long as we reach to our ultimate goal!

We need dedicated players who usually get on Halo 5, and like to play casually, although we do dab a little on Ranked ourselves, and want players who are at least above-average skill , or wants to improve on the game. Moreover, we’re looking for players who want to make this Spartan Company as a new home, and view it more than just some random company for the sake of grinding of an armor set- we consider this as a group and want to form a community with our fellow members, MCC, Halo 5 and beyond to future titles. Whenever you want to play join our Xbox party, or join our club on Xbox with our spartan company name.

In our Spartan Company forums you’ll find the Road to Achilles pinned along with other topics.
So, as long as you want to join a community, get the Achilles set, and just want to have some fun, join The 3 Barren Kingdoms!

Still have a lot of vacant space in our group and trying to recruit new members! Let me know if you want to join!

We got 3 members in, and plenty more space to join! Send a message on my Xbox or here on Halo Waypoint if you’re interested!