Join Spartan Academy

The newly founded Spartan Academy is looking for members.

-Founded by 2 students: one college, one university (Giggsy MUFC and KJ616)
-We are competitive, but having fun and meeting new people while sharing positive experiences in halo is our primary focus

  • We share a common goal of meeting likeminded players of all skill types who are intelligent, funny, respectful, and honest
    -We are focused on providing a platform for an open honest community of spartans who are competitive and socially aware while enjoying all aspects of the game
    -Players interested in joining must be Mature (18+) and may either add Giggsy MUFC or KJ616
    -Send a friend request with a message “request to join” to either gamer tag. We will play a couple of games before determining whether we will invite you into the company

Thanks for your time and consideration!