join S.A.W. were a guild(readfordetails)

SpartansAtWar or saw for short is a mid sized gaming guild which basicly means were like a clan but u can be as active/inactive hardcore/casual as u want.if u wana be an officer and command your own fireteam play alot do stuff to get promoted but if u simply want a cool group of people to run sum war games with cuz playin with randoms sucks,we got you either way we got a site ranking system about 60 members we have meetings every weekend do clan battles,tournaments within the clan all that good -Yoink- and weee recruiting if you think youve got what it takes to run with us hmu on XBL my gamertag is -GainGreen42O-and its a capital o in 42O not a zero.thanks 4 ur time.

also we have no rules except u must rock the clan emblem and cant b a -Yoink-