Join Red Battalion! Defy The Covenant!

Hello fellow Spartans! ever wanted to join a Spartan Company that is based off of real halo lore?
Well Now ya can! With the All new Ox-
I mean. well you can now! Its named Red Battalion. now before you click off of this page.
Listen to what I have to say.

Red Battalion is a Spartan company based in the PST time. [But can be any other in the US too.]
Now. there is a few requirements to join this company before we fully accept you.

  1. You must have A Top CSR Of Gold+
  2. You need basic knowledge of halo lore
  3. Have Fun!

This group is mainly social and is based off of the slogan from halo reach that says
“Defy The Covenant” With 3 Spartans in red looking up.
Now. there will be a red squadron made of me. [and the lieutenants I select with the old helmets]
We are also Spartan III’s. [Due to us following Human-Covenant War lore.]

Are you ready to join the Spartan’s Finest?

  • Signed S943 Gabbyfool97